The Beginning of Significance.

First of all, welcome to my blog.
It’s a pleasure to have you here.

The adage goes that ‘writers write’ and that’s certainly something that has been true for me this year. I’ve evolved from a imaginative but uncommitted daydreamer to a writer, seriously committed to finishing his first novel.

That achievement in itself – the, at the time of this writing, 36 page, 27,047 word chapter summary, the 19 characters, the detailed maps created with the aid of my close friend Ciaran, the clear and present story both in my head and on the paper – all of that, gives me more confidence to call myself ‘writer’, far more than the pale mug emblazoned with that exact word or the framed black and white photographs of my favourite authors on the shelf. Real physical words shaping a future novel justify to me, that I am a writer, not just a dreamer.

Of course I feel this way because ‘writers write’, they don’t just drink tea from WRITER cups and chat with like-minded individuals about the writing of others. They participate, they scoop from their own wells and warmly welcome others to drink. For the first time in my life, I feel that I have begun to write and to create with great personal significance. This is the beginning of significance, the beginning of seriousness, the beginning of a process that will create something real and significant to me and hopefully others. Passion, is what has moved me. A passion to share and explain the stories in my bones.

As I sit to write this blog, I do so, with you, the future readers, the peers of writers,in mind. Above all, I’m mindful of the end goal of my own writing: A published novel and then, a second one if success is kind enough to crack open the pages of my current creation.

When I created this blog, I reminded myself that the internet is saturated with blogs; blogs of both greater value to the reader and with far wider interest to the general population. All this reminded me that creating a blog to create fans or followers was not something that was just going to happen nor should I expect great success. With that in mind, I convinced myself that this blog was going to be a creation that would enhance my commitment to writing, to the improvement of my craft and to the recording and summary of the process of creating my novel.

If you are reading this and are interested in following along this journey with me, then know that you are an achievement greater than I believed possible.

I hope to document many things on this blog: my methods of writing, my progress on the novel, snippets of chapters, introduction of characters, exercises I’m using and books I’m reading.
I hope to learn from you too as you also strive to create your own works of art or stand triumphant on the peak of published or finished works. I am a humble sponge and I sincerely ask for your wisdom if you care to share it.

I hope that when the day comes and I have the joy of holding a finished manuscript, we can look back on this together and see how far we’ve come.
Hope; I’ve used that word many times in the last few paragraphs but it is perhaps the truest word in this post. I hope because I know that I will finish, even though I cannot see the finish line. I hope because I believe without seeing. I hope because I trust that if I am true to the book, then the book will be true to others.

Thank-you for being here.

I would be honoured to hear your own journey. Please feel free to introduce yourself and share as much as you would like about your creative project in the comments below. I’m excited to meet you and hear you share your creative passion. If you have passionate writing friends, let them know too.

We are creative people on creative journeys; lets walk together.

Until next time,

Joshua Bishop




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2 responses to “The Beginning of Significance.

  1. Oliver

    Fantastic read. I’ll surely be interested in reading your future updates and of your lessons learned as well as of your progress. My own novel is currently up to 500 pages with still another 100 to come so I’ll be splitting the novel into an unplanned two novels, but who am I to complain about such a development?
    Keep writing!

    • Oliver,

      Thank you for your words and your visit. I’m inspired by your progress. I always tell myself “never put a limit on what you create” and I can see that you do that too.
      When you give your novel room to grow it becomes everything it was meant to be and starts taking on life of its own. That’s the real excitement of creation: seeing it take on its own life.
      My novel has the working title ‘Leuschold’s Gate’ and considering its potential size, I’d classify it as epic fantasy.


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